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For the international World Ocean Day on June 8, 2019, which will draw attention to the pollution of the world’s oceans and in particular to the need to protect the oceans, O’Neill is creating a sustainable collection to reduce its own ecological footprint.

Hardly any other threat to the oceans is as visible today as the impact of plastic waste. As a leading surf brand, O’Neill has a deep responsibility and commitment to the beach and the sea and wants to preserve it by all means and means. In addition to sustainable production conditions, educational projects and beach clean-up activities, O’Neill as an innovative Surf Brand manufactures products from recycled plastic to reduce its own ecological footprint. This is how the sustainable product line O’Neill Blue was born.

O’Neill Blue

O’Neill’s origins lie in water – The legendary founder Jack O’Neill invented the wetsuit in 1952, which still protects surfers from the external influences of the ocean today. At the same time, however, it became clear that the oceans had to be protected from human influence as well – a clear mission manifested itself. O’Neill has never abandoned this goal: For this reason, O’Neill Blue – our Ocean Mission was launched. Every single part of this sustainable collection is made from highly innovative materials, which are made from recycled plastic. From cool board shorts to colourful bikinis, the fibres and yarns for these fabrics are supplied by sustainable partner companies Bionic Yarn, Econyl and Repreve.

Click here to watch O’Neill’s World Ocean Day clip.