The name of the locality doesn’t come from anywhere. OANA is derived from a Hawaiian word and means nothing less than family and the unique feeling of being able to support each other and achieve great things together. This is exactly what our team wants to offer you every day.

Team Surf


Misra makes sure that the perfect wave is available to you every day at the OANA. His team of around 16 surfing enthusiasts boys and girls is there to help him.

Team Bowlery


Laura runs the in-house bowlery and with her team of five takes care of the well-being of our guests. The whole team is always available for cool drinks, fine food or a short chat.

Team Kitchen


Bücki makes sure that there is something delicious to eat after surfing. He and his team of four conjure up fine bowls, burgers and more on your plate every day.

operations manager

René (right) with the team

As operations manager, René is responsible for keeping the store running. You can meet him practically every day at the OANA and he is always happy to talk to our guests.


Since July 2019 Colette, Vincent, Durby and Stefan surf as ambassadors for the Oana Surfteam. With the Oana Citywave they have a perfect training facility for further development and upcoming competitions at their disposal and we are happy to accompany these talents on their journey.

Colette Salvisberg

Colette Salvisberg

Colette always has a big grin on her face when she rides the Citywave in the Oana. She came to surf during a trip to Central America and loves the feeling of freedom in this kind of sport.

Surfboard: SWN Surfboard Shock Rock 5.1

Vincent Schneider

Vincent Schneider

At the age of 11 Vincent got his first Soft Top Board as a present from his father, after he watched surfers in France fascinated. His recognition mark: his Bowl Cut.

Surfboard: APT Poolboard 5.2 & Riversurfboard 5.1

Durby Castillo

Durby Castillo

Having grown up in Pavones, Costa Rica, we are happy that Durby is now riding the Citywaves for us with his surfstyle from the sea. He loves having fun with friends and discovering new surf spots.

Surfboard: Ocean Board “Frieda Zamba” 5.8

Stefan Baumer

Stefan Baumer

Stefan came to surfing by chance at the age of 18. This happened during his first holiday with his own car in France. Since then he does not want to miss the sport any more.

Surfboard: Fatum 5.7