Why are there different prices for the surf sessions?

Prices are flexible and depend on the day of the week and time, as well as the number of participants. That means: A session on Monday afternoon is cheaper than on Saturday evening. And an Intense Session with 5 participants is of course more expensive than a normal session with 10 participants. Thus we guarantee an even distribution of surfers on the individual sessions.

Is there a subscription for frequent surfers?

There are no classic subscriptions. You can join the OANA Surf Family. With this membership you get a membercard, which you can fill with credits for your surf sessions. With every charge of the card you get some extra credit from us.

When will I be ready for the Advanced Session?

Once you get into the wave on your own, you are ready for an Advanced Session. We recommend you book a ride in such a session as early as possible - because only from the best you learn even more!

Can I bring my own surfboard?

Yes, this is definitely possible. You can bring your surfboard and use it on the Citywave. However, we are not liable for any damage to your surfboard.

Can I rent different surfboards on site?

The price of your session includes the rental of a soft top surfboard. If you want to ride a hardtop surfboard, this is also possible in an Advanced Session. The rental fee per surfboard and session is CHF 15.- and booking is only possible directly on site. There are no reservations: first come - first serve.