No matter if you want to create a unique and memorable team experience, organize your Christmas dinner, a customer event, a show or a product presentation - we are here to support you! This unique location with its intriguing packages will surprise you and your guests, allow you to expand your comfort zone while having fun and delight you with lasting memories.


Create the experience tailored to your needs and arrange your entire day at Oana. We are happy to assist!


Surfing in the center of Switzerland! Our standing wave is perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers. Catch a wave and the ride in a safe and enjoyable environment. See more details in the surf area.

Surf with friends
Learn and enjoy

Do you prefer to watch surfers? A large selection of activities awaits you! Participate in our Academy to jointly develop, make and test products while having fun together with your friends and guests.

Currently course offering:

Barista Workshop

Prepared on the in-house barista machine to make the perfect coffee

Yoga class

Find inner peace during a lesson (60 minutes) of Surf Yoga

Photography Workshop

Basic course with many memories. Learn to shoot the perfect surf picture on our wave

Drink mixing

No matter if its vodka, gin or rum – experiment and make the best drinks yourself


Create a special experience and provide a unique experience to your guests. Use Oana as a backdrop to give a thrilling presentation or a live product experience? We are flexible, have extensive experience in creating memorable events and look forward to supporting you with all our equipment on site.

Shine the spotlight on your product.


Any activity requires the matching catering. Arrange your food and beverage with us to cater to your guests individually.

Fine drinks from the surf hotspots of this world.

We offer you a wonderful mix of different local suppliers and drinks that we sampled at different surf spots all over the world. We make it simple: you choose the best drinks for your guests, set a limit and we serve!

drinks menu

Tailor your aperitif to your guests individually. All our dishes are served in Mini-Bowls. Adjust the number of mini-bowls per person and order the contents from the menu to best suit you and your guests.

From mini to maxi - we have everything for you.
Delicious bowls that will knock off your flip flops.

For small groups up to 10 persons we offer the classic à la carte food in our Bowlery restaurant. For large groups of 10 or more people we have a special treat for you: Easy and simply delicious: The large bowls come right to your table and everyone takes what they like. All you can eat, of course.

menu card


It is our pleasure to put together an individual offer for you. Send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For ideas, check out our “Group Offer”.