Surf course and camps for children and teenagers

Every first Wednesday of the month we put focus on our surf youth! During a whole afternoon children can not only learn how to surf on the wave but also train their balance and how to connect with the sea in a playful way!

If vacations by the sea are not possible, then the sea comes to you in the form of our Swiss Surf Camp! Every spring, summer and autumn we offer a 5-day camp. Every day you learn something new and at the end of the week you can present your new surf skills in a small show.

Celebrating with OANA

You have a reason to celebrate? We have the perfect offer for you. Whether it's a birthday, wedding or Christmas dinner. From aperitif to a 5-course menu. With surf show or surf course. We put together a suitable, sporty and eventful offer for you.

More events at OANA

We're always excited to experience something new with you and celebrate life together. That's why there are always unique events that we hold at OANA. Be sure to check out our event calendar to find out what's going on.