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That the fascination for surfing is not bound to any age group has become more than clear to me in recent weeks. I have seen everything since the opening of the standing wave in Lucerne: From small to big, from male to female or from 10 to 70 years old. Simply everyone emerges from the water after his first attempt on the wave with a laugh on his face.

When passion has to become professional

Switzerland has truly many passionate surfers. But what happens if you consider surfing to be a professional sport? Unfortunately, Switzerland can’t really keep up here in international comparison. That’s no big surprise either: Where do you want to learn to surf in Switzerland?

But that’s about to change: With the opening of the standing wave in Lucerne, a training facility is suddenly available. All year round – every day. Here even the little ones have the opportunity to make their first experiences on the surfboard and to acquire skills that are certainly an advantage when surfing in the sea. But is this enough to see a generation of professional Swiss surfers grow up?

To promote and challenge in the right way

Realistically, it won’t be enough to train on just one standing wave. But it’s a lot of fun! And why not get away from the constant competition and all the success-oriented action? Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach the youngest visitors what surfing really means: being brave enough to push yourself to your limits and experience a feeling of immediate freedom? To promote the connection to the element water, to train the balance and to support each other. It is the values, feelings and emotions that stand in the foreground here. And giving this to the next generation cannot be wrong. So we won’t get into the world rankings for sure, but we have many happy surfers at home in Switzerland. And that’s exactly what counts.

Kids Surfing School at the OANA

Every first Wednesday afternoon of the month the next surf generation takes over the wave at the OANA. In the Kids Surfing School, children between the ages of 8 and 14 receive professional coaching, where fun is not neglected. The cost per participant is 45 CHF – including a theory lesson, surfing, balance training and a common afternoon snack.