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My first day at the OANA

I’m on the S1 train to Sursee. Next stop: Buchrain. I have to get out here. Cross the road once and I walk towards the OANA. A big grin spreads in my face, because I will surf for the first time on the standing wave. A little holiday feeling on a normal Thursday morning. I am already curious how my first day in the Oana will be!

The first impression

Open, bright and friendly. The plants whether hanging or standing and the music bring on this rainy morning immediately good mood. At the bar I first drink a delicious cappuccino and leaf through the menu. There are many healthy and tasty dishes here, such as the bowls, which you can put together yourself at the bar. The first ones are already surfing on the wave. You can watch them perfectly from above and my anticipation increases. In the shop there is a great assortment of selected products. In addition to surf gear and surfboards, you can also find the pretty dishes from the bowlery, the in-house coffee, red and white wine.

The first ride on the wave

You might want to know that I’m a complete beginner. Although I have already gained experience in water skiing and windsurfing, this kind of surfing is completely new for me. At the beginning the surf instructors give me a short briefing and tell me what to watch out for. Then I grab a soft board and I’m ready to go!

You start sitting from the edge. In the beginning you have to develop a feeling for how to best position yourself on the surfboard. But a surf instructor will also help you. In my first three attempts I tipped off the board relatively quickly. But you quickly learn how best to get into the wave and how to balance yourself. Another surf instructor helped me from the water. Hand in hand he pulled me from the edge into the middle of the wave and I could build up a better feeling for the wave and surfing. After about eight attempts I even made it from the beginning to the middle of the wave completely on my own. A really great feeling! So you learn really fast and see fast progress. The surf instructors gave me a safe feeling and good tips at all times.


Some time ago I lived in Munich. Often I was in the English Garden and watched the surfers in the Eisbach with enthusiasm. Surfing takes place here all year round. This is nothing for beginners like me, because surfing on this wave is neither easy nor safe. But now the Oana has given me the opportunity to fulfill this experience. And maybe one day I will dare to go on the Eisbach wave. But until then I’ll be busy practicing in the Oana. Thank you for this great day and the experience, which I will not forget so fast.