ZON IN ZURICH und OANA sind bereits von Beginn an gut befreundet und ihre handgemachten Brillenbänder sind bei uns direkt vor Ort im Shop erhältlich. Das wird nun auch für dich interessant: Denn mit ZON IN ZURICH kannst du dich perfekt und stylisch auf den Sommer vorbereiten.
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I’m sure you’re already planning your next surf trip or your summer holidays in general. But we have something that should not be missing on your packing list: A ZON glasses ribbon. Not only does this accessory look stylish, it also makes your holidays a lot easier. You don’t have to look for your sunglasses anymore, that you accidentally sit on them during your road trip is finally impossible thanks to ZON and handling your luggage and your boards becomes easy. And these glasses can do a lot more. There are two different types of attachment: on the side for the perfect stylish look and on the rim for even more comfort.

If you think that this is just a normal strap, you’re wrong. In four different collections and all possible colors you will find the complete selection of these non-slip and extremely sturdy glasses ribbons directly on the website of ZON IN ZURICH – so there is certainly something for you.

The ribbons are also perfect as a gift: In a pleasant price range you will find a present that your counterpart can not only use actively, but that is also beautiful to look at.

You’ll find the entire range online, where you can have the glasses delivered to your home in comfort. However, if you would like to see and test them live in advance, then the OANA Shop is the right place for you. We are looking forward to your visit!

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